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JSM Force HTTP to HTTPS / SSL - No Setup, Fast and Reliable

Plugin NameJSM Force HTTP to HTTPS
SummaryNo setup required - simply activate to force HTTP URLs to HTTPS using native WordPress filters and permanent redirects for best SEO.
Stable Version3.4.1
Requires PHP7.2.34 or newer
Requires WordPress5.8 or newer
Tested Up To WordPress6.4.2
Tags / Keywordshttps, ssl, mixed content, insecure content, force ssl, simple, secure, upload, proxy, load balancing, cache


A simple, safe, and reliable way to force HTTP URLs to HTTPS dynamically:

No setup required - simply activate the plugin to force HTTP URLs to HTTPS.

There are no plugin settings to adjust, and no changes are made to your WordPress configuration.

SIGNIFICANTLY FASTER than other popular plugins of this type:

Other well known plugins use PHP's output buffer to search & replace URLs in the rendered HTML, which is a technique that is error prone and negatively affects caching performance (as changes are not cached).

This plugin uses standard WordPress filters instead of PHP's output buffer for maximum reliability, performance, caching compatibility, and uses 301 permanent redirects for best SEO results (301 redirects are considered best for SEO when moving from HTTP to HTTPS).

Supports advanced proxy / load-balancing HTTP headers:

See Web technology for developers > HTTP > HTTP headers > X-Forwarded-Proto for more details.

Plugin Requirements

Your web server must already be configured with an SSL certificate and able to handle HTTPS request. ;-)