JSM's Show Comment Metadata

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JSM Show Comment Metadata

Plugin NameJSM Show Comment Metadata
SummaryShow comment metadata in a metabox when editing comments - a great tool for debugging issues with comment metadata.
Stable Version3.10.0
Requires PHP7.2.34 or newer
Requires WordPress5.8 or newer
Tested Up To WordPress6.4.2
Tags / Keywordsmeta, comment meta, delete, debug, inspector


The JSM Show Comment Metadata plugin displays comment meta keys and their unserialized values in a metabox at the bottom of comment editing pages.

The current user must have the WordPress manage_options capability (allows access to administration options) to view the Comment Metadata metabox, and the manage_options capability to delete individual meta keys.

The default manage_options capability can be modified using the 'jsmscm_show_metabox_capability' and 'jsmscm_delete_meta_capability' filters (see filters.txt in the plugin folder).

There are no plugin settings - simply install and activate the plugin.

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