JSM's Non-Breaking Space for French Content

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JSM's Non-Breaking Space for French Content

Plugin NameJSM's Non-Breaking Space for French Content
SummaryAdds a non-breaking space between words and punctuation marks to avoid inappropriate line-breaks in French.
Stable Version1.12.0
Requires PHP7.2 or newer
Requires WordPress5.2 or newer
Tested Up To WordPress6.1.1
Tags / Keywordsnon-breaking, french, content, line-break, punctuation, space, new line, line break


This plugin adds non-breaking spaces required by the French language in the content, excerpt, comments, text widget, and WooCommerce short description - skipping over pre-formatted code blocks, styles and scripts.

If the <!--:fr--> HTML tag is found (used by some multilingual plugins), non-breaking spaces are added only between the <!--:fr--> and <!--:--> HTML tags.

There are no plugin settings - simply install and activate the plugin.